"A Gathering of the Minds"

Max and  son, Gary Stanfill continued in the fertilizer business into the early 1990's. Gary Stanfill decided to take the business in the direction of freight for hire.

Stanfill Enterprises currently runs trucks in the United States and Canada. Our drivers work together with a common purpose of timely delivery and customer satisfaction, understanding that all cargo is important to the customer. We strive to keep our equipment in top shape and appealing to the eye as well. Through our continuous improvements and education we maintain an excellent safety rating as determined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

In 2012, the company withstood  a great loss in the passing of Gary R. Stanfill. He left behind a masterful legacy in business and as a humanitarian. Gary's years of  building a Motor Carrier Foundation has enabled his family to continue successfully in the transportation industry and paved the way for Stanfill Enterprises to grow to the next level.

After Gary's passing, Trish Stanfill stepped in as President of the company. Stanfill Enterprises Co., Inc. became a certified Women Owned Small Business as well as a member of WBENC which enables customers the opportunity to enhance their diversity supplier program. Mrs. Stanfill continued to build the company by fostering a dedication to customer service and safety.

November 15, 1956 -- November 04, 2012

Gary R. Stanfill


Stanfill Enterprises was established in 1961 in an agriculture community by Max Stanfill. Max was the first individual to bring new technology to the state of Tennessee. Solutions Magazine, the journal of The National Fertilizer Solutions Associations, noted in their January 1982 addition that Max Stanfill's theory on seeding through suspensions was a "significant breakthrough in the industry".


On August 2015, Trish hired Brent Mayfield to come on board as the Logistics Manager and to help coordinate the efforts to take Stanfill Enterprises to the next level in the transportation industry. In 2017 Brent was promoted to VP of Operations. After learning the company's dedicated history to providing top notch service and innovated solutions to help further the industry as well as the community, Brent purchased the operations in July 2018.  Brent will continue to hold to the mission established in 1961 to make Stanfill Enterprises Co., Inc. a successful business not losing focus on family values and to be instrumental in the growth in the community